another city person

I am describing the world

I say you say

I brought some time for you

it is growing out of #agreements constantly


the world is totally different than yesterday

can u feel it

it is nothing new

a o a #agreements

in on at space

in between ppl and communities

base for a group

find new words

change change

agri ment

like what?

it is about #agreements


find better words must find

change change change

hey nice to see u

gute nacht authren

when ppl started to live in their shops and the whole world learned to wash their hands for the first time in history

  • something that is usual in authren was new to ppl

  • every1 was talking about solidarity

  • why should I dress up if no1 is watching me?! No no no no no I said .

  • oh it is like getting in touch with myself there is no work

  • there is internet all the virtual spaces now poppin up every1 can do it ppl understand

  • the kids

ok I went to authren several times now

I was in authren.

authren was there