On the server side of things, youll see a stream of notices within the console window as issues happen on it: players becoming a member of, players dying, player communications, and other notices. As well as you can use server commands both in the console window and if you are an OP or operator on the server. There are extra commands that are helpful should you open up your private home server for public or semi-public use (such as /kick and /ban) but which are sometimes pointless for private residence use. There are two ways to method putting in the easy vanilla Mojang-provided Minecraft server. There are dozens of commands, many of them moderately obscure and infrequently used. We're a Survival-Pixelmon server devoted to bringing the best of each pixelmon and minecraft together. Play on the most effective Minecraft Roleplay Server with no whitelist! Observe: for those who enter the command in the server console window you dont need the leading / however you do if you happen to enter it in the chat window as a player on the server. One technique may be very Windows-centric as you merely download an .EXE file and run it, with a handy little graphical user window.