Minecraft: FATTEST BOSS Challenge Games – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini-Game PopularMMOs The Challenge Games begin and we must combat the Sun God! Also, if you want Fortunate Block Race V.2.1.3. Remark under to get the Lucky Block Race with all three types of Fortunate Block . Minecraft: FORTUNE Lucky BLOCK! Minecraft: SNAKE Fortunate BLOCK (MOB TRAPS, Crazy POISON ARMOR, & More!!) Mod Showcase PopularMMOs This lucky block adds in snake associated epic items! Discovering new surprises and making it extra awesome is the primary process of Minecraft players and lovers. Lucky Block Race consists of only one yellow fortunate Block with a query mark on it. It adds bins in your recreation bearing a query mark. This Minecraft Mod provides in tons of cool drops to the Lucky Block Mod. Mod Showcase PopularMMOs This fortunate block provides in a lot of crazy weapons, armor, & special results! Special Replace :– In this Fortunate Block Race Only one Sort Of Fortunate Block Is Used . The mod adds a brand new block to the game which produces random outcomes, in addition to gadgets such because the lucky sword, bow and potion. On the page of every Minecraft server there's complete data on the server, in addition to its own chat for gamers.