1. Can we add the crimson portal to OSRS? Personally, I feel that this is usually a terribly exciting time for fans of the game, particularly since they'll all be in it together slightly than have to make the choice between one title or another. So I've actually taken the tough determination of making the drop mechanics work the way they did before. Last month, Jagex did the unexpected when it opened up a significant sport-altering choice on its well-liked MMO RuneScape to a public vote. September 2010 is Anarchy On-line's month, so let's make it a month to remember. Anarchy On-line placed on extra expansion weight in the future, although nothing as complete as Shadowlands. For placing all of its gamers collectively as one big group and actively battling bots, RuneScape deserves its “massively multiplayer” title way over World of Warcraft and quite a lot of different MMOs available on the market. Even in a sandbox world like Wurm Online or in a shooter like PlanetSide 2, there are ways to “degree.” PlanetSide 2 has certification factors which might be earned as a participant fights and spends time in the game. Cryptic posted movies of the Guardian Fighter and the Mount Hotenow zone, while Massively's explorers delivered a formal impressions piece, a brand new video collection, and a brand-new game column titled — what else?