Along the best way youll need to carry out varied tasks that will grant you money so as to rankup to the following block, this continues till youve gotten through all prison blocks permitting you to be free! Gamers begin out at the bottom rank with primary tools and must earn money with the intention to rank up and turn out to be more highly effective. Since there is no wilderness or freeplay on Prison servers, no less than in the beginning that is, gamers often start in Mines and need to mine or earn their method to subsequent Mine in prison. So, there are 12 completely different ranks set up on the most effective prison servers. Experience the first-ever custom aquatic Prison expertise in MCPrison, which showcases a couple of features like Backpack enhancements, Gemstones, Personal Mines, Buff Stations, to call a few. The configuration for this plugin is good out of the box but if youd like to alter pricing, building inside plots, or anything of that nature than you are free to do so within the config.yml file. The PEX is a plugin that is rich in the command system.