Step 2: First, go to the AC Internet Final Repack Maps Extractor directory (default location: C:/AC Internet Final Repack/Instruments/Map Extractor enUS). From right here, copy the maps folder and the ad.exe file and paste it in the WoW directory (default location: C:/Program Recordsdata/World of Warcraft). Step 4: Open the ascent-logonserver.conf file with a textual content editor (Notepad ought to suffice). If this is strictly how the text seems to be within the config file in your system, then youre good to go. Step 5: Open the ascent-realms.conf file with a text editor. Theyre even open to ideas on how to better enhance the expertise for their legion of players. Youre in a position to customize how quickly you can level up for experience and reputation, in addition to how quickly gadgets will spawn. Both are brief and sweet; section 9 says that Blizzard will patch the sport and you have download all patches. Several types of gamers have different wants and they look for something specifically. You too can choose to play an older version of the sport-a characteristic typically requested by more skilled players. FEW of them Could be fastened, but 97% Can't be fastened. Arm your self with factors from the articles Robin linked; keep them shut at hand in case you need assistance remembering a couple of pithy factors.