Its additionally got an extremely lively staff and consequently, suffers from quite a bit much less grief than some of the less wholesome servers around. Want 24/7 fights? You bought them! That's, they wish to play with other Minecraft followers through the internet. If your server is switched off or your Internet connection just isn't working, which means there might be no Minecraft! They might determine to get aggressive or rude with you or other teammates within the battle and this isn't constructive and will not assist your group to victory. You probably have a team or you might be all the time on-line then you possibly can handle and maintain your server very simply. Minecraft servers are giant computers which are connecting gamers to play video games, on Minecraft. Swancraft has its aim to offer gamers what they want and give gamers a map that they will call their home. Grief Prevention allows you to say your land and only give access to your trust ones. Though the server doesnt let you declare land within the survival worlds, it does use the LWC plugin which lets you lock chests, doors, furnaces and so forth. The main survival server is big, with a number of nice features.