I discovered that quick code that gives similar script end result as above script. For those who discovered a script (comparable to my blog) or from somewhere after you replace all properties you would like to test and it would not works! I started trying about it one in all my weblog commenter Lukas was asked me about it. One of my blog follower Raghu asked me how to make use of properties in the WLST script. For this reason, the vast majority of video games that make use of dedicated servers also provide hear server assist. Else you should use cancelEdit('y') as a trick. This is possible using cancelEdit() give the answer y to affirm when it prompts you. If you're using OEPE (Eclipse for creating WLST) then you've a lot scope to debug every variable content. If Battlestate Games had allowed gamers to rent their own private servers, a lot of the load and value would have fallen on the players themselves.