Laptop specialists, lots of them recruited from the ranks of the hacker neighborhood – the net version of poachers-turned-gamekeepers – began working with the National Grids computer consultants to get the system up and working. In Britain, the new National Security Council listed cyber assaults as one of the most significant Tier 1 threats dealing with the UK. And in December 2010, the WikiLeaks site was both the topic of cyber attacks by governments trying to shut it down, and the cause of attacks by its supporters on a series of bank card firms. In later years, the Russians themselves launched cyber attacks on their neighbours in Georgia and Estonia. So what would happen in an all-out cyber warfare between nation states? The UK merely did not have the resources to battle a warfare on two cyber fronts without delay. Now he had just two duties to fulfil. Two commuter trains collided exterior Three Bridges station in West Sussex. And along with his left he depressed the control in his left hand, detonating the explosives that had been rigged all through the house and immediately obliterating himself, his whole computer network and eight officers of the West Yorkshire Police.