Over the course of several years however, Ataranlen slowly began to appreciate the possibilities he had with the server, and started to expand outwards, creating more and more servers. Over the course of a number of days nonetheless, these conflicts were resolved, although the ideas of distrust, and the realization of the existence of the Hidden Path, had already been discovered. Later on, towards the center of the Zineon Era, the Hidden Path returned, created one other base, and existed in secret alongside the event of Zineon, until eventually having their coordinates discovered once once more, and vanishing without a trace, save for just a few mentions here and there of the organization's existence. He made each patriotic to the Empire and saw the amount of degeneracy created by the last Emperors, so he banned all NSFW, Gore and mainly any type of degeneracy he saw that wanted to be Banned. Some gamers discover such a gameplay thrilling – much more so than watching constructions be destroyed due lack thereof any sense or regulation.