For starters I hope they steal the Diablo III transmog system and implement some version of it. The primary iteration of the housing system can be being launched with this patch, and it is presently restricted to free companies. A private WoW server is being pressured to pay Blizzard $88 million in damages. The WoW private servers has warfare mode (PvP) constantly on. Server Sort: PvP. PvE. If somebody did one thing reprehensible to the server at large, that person was immediately excluded from raids, guilds, occasion runs, and just about anything that may very well be deemed a social exercise. If someone is inflicting such an uncontrollable uproar in guild chat that you are feeling compelled to take the permission away, you would possibly as properly remove them from the guild altogether. Apparently, League of Legends is doing one thing wholly bizarre within the gaming world — it is taking these reported circumstances and letting the players determine whether or not there may be something there that somebody should be held accountable for or not. China's finally getting Wrath of the Lich King, but there are just a few modifications.