Oh, and Vent isn't the place for “eRP.” Actually makes the guild awkward whenever you walk into that one. I perceive that none of the server scripting is in place when importing the raw information and that is precisely why not everybody ought to have a mushroom server, somewhat mix abilities and resolve the problems. Stopping people from rolling characters to play with their buddies is without doubt one of the surest methods to show folks off this sport, which is why Blizzard will selected to go along with server splits as an alternative. But for word of mouth to work, new people need to be able to play with their associates, to roll characters on even essentially the most crowded servers. That stops them from taking part in the sport before they even start. Even if it is debatable, possibly it is better to lose a superb player than keep a nasty player. They appear to be trying to keep guilds together as finest they'll, and having guild members default to the guild leader's new server is a very good idea.