found path #34 : the windowshopper

the people moving outside seem to be longing for something extraordinary to happen I sit by the window and look at each and everyone passing by my head following their movement interrupting my rhythm of work with them letting them into my timespace, basically turning the passers-by into my frame when they look at me, they try looking through me and that's my chance: how many social distances can I break? as breaks I count * smiling at me while looking me into the eyes (1 point) * waving back (2 points) * coming closer (not breaking the physical distance of 1.5m) to strike up a conversation (4 points) * saying hey, authren (10 points)

I played for 10 minutes with only counting the people by foot, bicycles were too fast.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a total of 16 people (1 point) (2points) (2points) (1point) (1point) (1point) (2points) a total of ten points

I noticed that people would never start waving themselves, however they would take initiative on the smiling part. but that's ok, I'm already further down the path. tomorrow, I'll play again.