hey, Authren.

the path I took today was completely different from anything I had expected. this is closely connected to the path my european world has taken in the past few weeks.

I decided to go to authren anonymously. remember when dressing up all in black and/or with a covered face was considered a crime? these days are over. now, it's a sign of dignity and being a good citizen. an anonymous citizen for the other citizen. yet tracked by the government (or it's health specialists) through your device.

so going to Authren anonymously was easy: I left all my devices at home except for a cheap watch. and dressed up with the clothes of the good citizen. it was, at first, a liberating feeling to play Anonymouse: the streets are almost empty social rules and norms have no impact on me (except the one urging me to keep distance) so I started playing, setting up new rules for me on the go: * take two steps, sit down, stand up * clap your hands once whenever you see someone on the other side of the street

but after a while I noticed that I was adding to the atmosphere of fear among the people. as they were part of my play without having any agency in it, it didn't feel right anymore.

so I took of my facemask, my black gloves and removed the hood. I decided to go back on track and to the office. (aka: home)