The Bolo'nja Dialogues

1. Breakfast

Zott: Can you pass me the peanut butter? Em: Sure. Zott: Mmmh. Em: Delicious, right? One of my proopies, Dula, made it. Zott: Ah, how are they doing? Em: Great. They're living in Butoria now, actually, and they started making different forms of peanut specialties. Zott: Wow. I didn't know peanuts grow there. Em: Yeah, they grow them on Komona grounds. And, did you know, they have this rule in Butoriat; you're only allowed to reap if you also sow and water and plough? Zott: What, as a single person or as a proop? Em: As a proop, of course. Zott: Yeah, that would've been too ridicilous. I'm glad we don't have that here, I love how me and my proop can focus on writing and singing and still have something to eat. Em: As I see it, they just don't like the concept of sharing play or work. But hey, I don't live there so I don't really know the details. Dula just told me. Zott: Now that we're at it: I was thinking about implementing a new rule for Bolo'nja. Em: Aha. Zott: Yes, I think it would be so cool if we decided to all wear something yellow on Xorkas. Em: Haha, and I thought it would be something serious and you wanted to start lobbying or whatnot. Zott: Nooo, what do you think I am? It's just some nice ritualistic idea, otherwise I would have said so during rule session. Em: Well, you can count me in. I've always liked dressing up in a festive manner. Now, can you give me back that peanut butter?

2. Rule Session

Barscha: So, who wants to be in charge for moderating rule session today? Lork: I can do it. So, who will do the ritual and who will do notes? Em: I can do the ritual.

Barscha: Notes – Lork: Thank you. I hereby open the rule session. Em: From A to O from O to A / I wouldn't need a rule per day / From O to A from A to O / all the rules that come will go Everybody: From A to O from O to A / I will have it all my way / From O to A from A to O / together all of us can grow Em: AOAOAOAO Everybody: OAOAOAOA Em: We breathe in – and out. With every breath in we take on the new yet to come, with every breath out we leave unwanted rules and habits behind. Lork: Well, as moderator I am obliged to first read out all existing rules so far. The Rule of Rules is that not one rule is privileged over the other. The Bolo'njarule is that our conglomerate of people, space, animals, plants and proops is called Bolo'nja.
The Decisionrule is that no decision is made if not every person participating in the process agrees. The Rulessionrule is that every new moon, there is a rulesession. Every rulesession needs a ritualist, a moderator and someone taking notes. The Komonarule says that everything belongs to everyone and that everyone has the same status. Every responsibility is shared as well as every object, space, food, or knowledge. The Traderule says that noone who gives something should expect getting something for it in return and that noone who takes has to give. The Prooprule says that every Person is allowed to freely associate with any subgroup of people (alive or dead), a Proop, and have their own rules. If the rules of a proop come into conflict with a rule in Bolo'nja, any person is allowed to call in a rule session. The Rule of Boundaries says that everyone has to care for themselves and for others. Every person and proop is obliged to respect the boundaries of other persons and proops. If boundaries are crossed, the hurt ones should speak up, discuss within their proop and think of measures. The Rule of Measures says that every full moon there is a measuresession, where all proops and persons present their measures against other proops and persons. They are up for decision, however, the perpetrator(s) are not allowed to veto. The highest measure is expulsion from Bolo'nja, which has to be approved by all proops and persons. The Rule of Beans says that every Xorka, all of Bolo'nja is cooking something with beans. The Rule of Life says that knowingly killing an animal or person means the direct expulsion from Bolo'nja. The Bedrule says that every 12 days, people above the age of 15 should change to another bed to sleep in, be it alone or with other people. The Shoerule says that every person is entitled to have two pairs of shoes, socks and panties that they don't have to share. The Writingrule says that every person is entitled to a book where they keep thoughts they don't have to share. The Learningrule says that every proop is obliged to announce and hold a skillsharingsession every four days where everyone can join. Puh. Haha. Okay. Does any person have any rule they would like to change? — ok. So, does any person have a new rule to propose? Zott: Me. Lork: Speak up, then. Zott: I propose the following rule: The Yellowrule says that every Xorka, every person in Bolo'nja wears someting yellow. Hollery: Really? After the Rule of Beans? Zott: Yeah, I do like rituals. I think we could have more small everyday rituals. Grebl: So why do you propose it to be during Xorka? There is already a ritual on that day. Hollery: Yes. Why not on Raku? Zott: Ok, you're right. Let's try. Lork: So any more discussion needed? — So can the ritualist formulate the rule? Em: The Rule of Yellow says that on Raku, every person in Bolo'nja wears something yellow. Lork: Thank you. Any more new rules to propose? — Well, then may the ritualist close the rule session. Em: OAOAOAOAOA Everybody: OAOAOAOAOA Em: From O to A from A to O / all the rules that come will go / From A to O from O to A / I won't need a rule per day Everybody: From O to A from A to O / together all of us can grow / From A to O from O to A / I will have it all my way /