As you can see, Hyboria affords a number of intriguing twists to the MMO genre. World of Warcraft will not be experiencing the titanic development of its early days, but over the past 5 years, on common the number of gamers has continued to develop. World of Warcraft private servers attempt to replicate the World of Warcraft expertise without spending a dime by hosting the sport in numerous kinds. I largely PvP on a destro Warlock with a resto Druid, 2.4k rated in 2v2. It is a fun combo to play if you want a problem but not one of the best combo to play if you happen to simply wish to try and get first in your battlegroup. Scryers Tabard: You will get this by getting exalted with the Scryer blood elves in Shattrath Metropolis. Lower City Tabard: This tabard is available at exalted with the Decrease Metropolis exiles in Shattrath City. For those who survive, Illidan challenges you to come back face him on the Black Temple, and also you get a nice ring and one of those two tabards from the Naaru in Shattrath City. The quest, “The Unwritten Prophecy”, starts with Demolitionist Legoso at Vindicator's Rest, involves blowing up things and killing demons, and ends with a big parade for you in Shattrath City.