Titan 2 modifications included alternative of the reentry automobile adapter atop the second stage with a payload fairing adapter, the addition of a brand new 10 foot diameter payload fairing, refurbishment and upgrading of the inertial steerage system, and refurbishment of the primary and second stage engines. A “Titan/Centaur Interstage Adapter” tied Titan, Centaur, and CSS collectively. SM-96 61-4523 South Dakota Air and Area Museum, Ellsworth AFB, Fast Metropolis, South Dakota. In December, Missile V-2 was undergoing a flight readiness take a look at in a silo at Vandenberg Air Pressure Base. Hoselton, Gary A., Titan I Steering System, Brekenridge, Colorado: Affiliation of Air Power Missileers, Quantity 6, Number 1998, p. The steerage radar fed missile place information to the AN/GSK-1 (Univac Athena) missile steerage laptop in the Launch Management Center. Guidance enter/output between the guidance radar and steering pc occurred 10 times a second. The Mk four RV also deployed penetration aids in the form of mylar balloons which replicated the radar signature of the Mk 4 RV. A program was devised to rescue the satellite tv for pc by bringing a brand new perigee kick motor to it utilizing the House Shuttle, and 'reboosting' the satellite to synchronous orbit to meet its meant mission. The Shuttle propulsion parts, including the Area Shuttle Essential Engine (SSME), the principle Propulsion System (MPS), the Exterior Tank (ET), and the Stable Rocket Booster (SRB), are described.