Like homeowners of every web-going through DEC VAX server working Digital OpenVMS working system accessible publicly by way of the Telnet port (TCP port 23), my pet SIMH VAXserver 3900 “QCOCAL” and SIMH VAX-11/780 “CLOUDY” are inundated with dictionary-based breaking attempts all the time from across the world. The telnet port intrusion malware downside has lately been exacerbated by the profitable Mirai botnet which targets the IoT (Internet of Issues ), in search of and putting in itself in a mind-boggling variety of gadgets like cameras, smart televisions, routers, switches and different web-related shopper and skilled gadgets. Desteria is an acceptable selection for RPG fans, it has fairly a collection of factions and it presents gamers a major variety of attractive environments. Nonetheless, for small and medium gamers, Apache HTTP is a greater option as it presents straightforward configuration, a number of modules, and a beginner-pleasant setting. Nevertheless, I run a little bit customized HTTP server that responds with a HTTP code of 410 (GONE) to all requests whereas logging the request. The aim of this minimal server (I have described it in detail with the supply code here) is to log all advertising server requests that dnsmasq blocks based mostly on the block-list.