You could enter the web now and have a good time reading articles about many health problems and the tools that exist to try to alleviate these types of ailments. If you want, you can see more on this page (Web) and ask me directly any doubts that arise. I try to create posts that answer the majority of frequently asked questions that people ask. But I can always keep something in the pipeline, of course. Hello, I am Julio Martín and I studied sports training and I have specialized in writing articles, guides and recommendations for health-related products. I like sports, I practice cycling, swimming, I run, I climb ... Also from time to time I do some collective sport like basketball or soccer. I am part of a project in which we seek the best available means to treat pain. There is no doubt that suffering pain is a serious problem in our society. Therefore, we are going to help you. I cannot deny that I am passionate about what I do: I have a unique opportunity on the internet, which is to try hundreds of products every month, with time, seeing their pros and cons and giving my honest opinion, without having any kind of pressure (believe me that this does not happen in many digital media).