Over 500 Titan-household launch autos have been built and used during the last 25 years, and the manufacturer anticipates adequate commercial launch-related demand for the operation of the Titan manufacturing traces to proceed well into the nineteen nineties. Commercial Titan III capability is 14 tonnes into LEO and about 5.5 tonnes into GEO switch orbit. This paper discusses the IUS redundancy and presents data on the value of the IST's redundant design and the previous uses of the car's redundant capability to realize mission success. By November 1965 the Air Force Logistics Command had determined that the cost of modifying the broadly dispersed websites to support different ballistic missiles was prohibitive, and attempts had been made to find new makes use of. Hoselton, Gary A., Titan I Steering System, Brekenridge, Colorado: Affiliation of Air Drive Missileers, Quantity 6, Number 1, March 1998, p. Regardless that Titan complexes were designed to withstand nearby nuclear blasts antenna and missile prolonged for launch and steerage were fairly vulnerable to even a relatively distant miss.