Construct utilizing the Unreal Engine, this Battle Royale recreation has one hundred players dropped in an island where you will have to survive the ever-shrinking battleground and become the last particular person standing. Steve had just a few servers over time, learning with every, those that I do know are SONOS Raspberry PI, SONOS PI2, SONOS MT and the last server SONOS survival server, I have been on only these servers but each had Steves unique approach about them, his love of the Free Pizza Server was at all times proven by his wanting free pizza in spawn for players, his obsession with the comfortable fluffy sheep and so forth, he was gruff, grumpy at instances but always considered the players that got here onto his servers, he wanted them to be protected, have somewhere enjoyable to meet their associates and to recollect the server, which I hope you all do. We the admin met him on the SONO raspberry PI server, he got here to our support after we were water griefed by some deviant Russian gamers, we had protection however they obtained round it, he kept coming back and checking up on us and in time we turned buddies, he typically said his server was useless but I have all the time had faith that, that was not so, I have beloved being a player and then admin on his servers and I'll take the memories and cherish them, but extra will cherish the memory of Steve who meant so much to so many individuals without even understanding it.