Trying out the world-building for the remote chaos experience r3C

Because the Chaos Communication Congress couldn't take place this year, there is the remote chaos experience r3C. The r3C is happening in a big map of connected rooms. Rooms host avatars, and video+voice. Rooms contain entry points and exit points. Also rooms can link to jitsi calls, and to websites.

You can have a look at the prototype here:

Today I made my first attempts at building a room. There is a tutorial, so far only in German:

Here are the basic steps:

*Download some public domain (CC0 licence) tiles from or another source. You can search for any topic on Opengameart and then use the filters 2D and texture, and filter for CC0 licence *Install the sofware Tiled Map Editor *Create a finite map, with an object layer called floorLayer and one layer called start (the figure will start on a tile in this layer) *Embedd the tiles you downloaded and start constructing *Export it as main.json and upload the thing together with the tiles somewhere (best way is that they are in the same directory from the beginning, so the file paths are right). I used a github repository and enabled a github page that I linked to *You can test your map with their server (replace everything after global/ with your URL): *In the tutorial they also describe special functions like walls, links and exits

For the r3C you will have to publish your map on a code repository. There will be a backend where you put in the URL. Then the main map will include your code and update it every few minutes, so you can continue building.