Nominal price If you do not realistically have a shot at the Green Proto-Drake by Name to Arms, the Mysterious Egg will be bought from the Oracles quartermaster for three gold a pop each three days. With almost 5 years of experience this server can offer you the feeling of the unique World of Warcraft as it was again in the days of Patch 1.12. With the same important developer over all those years they have a huge information about the right way to script. A variety of information which you could find on this link. The data is normalized, which means that the best search quantity is given a value of 100, and every little thing else is divided by 100. Thus, when the line is half the very best top, that displays half the search volume, although we do not how many searches that quantity is; we will only evaluate the trend. While it should be noted that some numbers could also be incorrect, we will postulate that its more than made up for with all the servers we dont have included, corresponding to alternate language servers, RP servers, and just some we plain missed and havent added but.