For MMORPGs, I am testing out the bounds of Minecraft's MMO-ness, I'll be having fun with the latest patch for DC Universe Online, and I will even be getting some motion in Neverwinter, which I believe is top-of-the-line-looking and -sounding MMOs on the market proper now. My BlizzCon recommendation: If you want to hold out with Fox, I counsel you get your request in ahead of time, because there are many of you, very few nights in lovely Southern California, and only one Fox. There are 9 international server places to select from: within the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. If you discover that you're working in place, rubber-banding (jumping again to a previous place) or being kicked from the server resulting from high latency, a wireless connection is commonly the offender. If you happen to miss one thing like a toothbrush or a shaving equipment, likelihood is you'll have to pay an arm and a leg to replace it. Like immediately, I ate Dutch food. Con food is overpriced and full of crap, and it will keep you fuller longer. When not engaged in that, I will probably be slipping right into a scenario or two and testing new builds.