He nor I had been significantly happy concerning the forum posts, but long story short: He talked with the guild chief about the entire thing and we have been begged not to depart the guild (I'm among the best-geared tanks, and he has a robust healer in addition to one of the crucial competent warlocks). I was known as quite a lot of names, most notably a “feminazi dyke,” which is the de facto insult for any girl who stands up for herself, I think, and calling my SO a number of ugly names as properly. Nonetheless, similar to account sharing, gold buying and that jerk who continually camps the rooftops in HFP, private servers are a part of WOW culture. All present traditional Wow servers will probably be transitioning to TBC servers with the pre patch so all you might want to do is click on the TBC server to continue to journey into the Outlands. fights in Traditional are a lot easier with fewer shifting elements. A democratic republic is the place where “All males are created equal,” in accordance with Thomas Jefferson.