Vindictus, Dragon Nest and others have come out swinging in the action-MMO territory. A boss that swallows a player entire seems to go hand-in-hand with an encounter that finds you beating down an enormous dragon with its own horn. It is just one assault and only a single moment, however it is these kind of memorable moments we predict players will recognize; it simply feels so rather more thrilling when you're in the combat and memorable afterward than memorizing that in phase two it's important to keep away from standing within the fireplace the boss summons, for instance. 3. The public IP deal with or the DNS Identify fields are what you might be on the lookout for, either will be fantastic. There are other MMOs out there that let players experiment with various builds for every class, however I am having bother thinking of one that truly affords the same stage of freedom and control gamers have over their characters as RaiderZ.