For novices, you do /package fight and get some armor and weaponry, however for regulars, you should purchase kits with (in-sport) money you could earn by killing people. Sure, we even have an in-recreation shop! In fact, this comes with a responsibility, so for those who set your nickname to something offensive or provocative, we will take away your permission to set nicknames, even in the event you paid the $5 for them. When you're within the PvP arena, anyone can kill you and take your things. The one issues that will take some time to do are the permissions and the Buycraft ranks. We've had just a few small conflicts with this, however ultimately, we will have some nice and underpriced donation ranks for you. Prison is where you will have instruments in which you mine ores and sell them to realize money to rank up and it might go from $50,000 to $100,000 in your rank up and the ranks are according to certain letters. These seven are : KitPvP; where you should purchase things that appear in your inventory with the money you get from killing different gamers and should not there again when you die, PvP stands for participant vs player; Next is Skyblock; the place you spawn on an island with one podzol block, one mycelium block, 1 piece of farmland per carrot, potato, and wheat, and a chest with fundamental survival tools, and also 6 or 7 layers of sand and dirt and during which you must construct out and expand your island to have totally different varieties; After that's Creative and survival, i have 2 completely different posts for that that explain most of that; Parkour, which is where you do sprint jumping, soar from brief distances, fence jumps, glass pane and iron bar jumps, and even ceiling jumps which in parkour your goal is to leap to each bounce to the tip and beat the level to go to the following one; AWB creative, by which you build professional-wanting buildings and skilled builders will decide them and you're going to get extra plots for more builds until you attain the top rank; and final but not least;factions, which is where you run a faction or am a member of a faction however the primary goal is to not get your faction raided, (or you base) and gain as much energy as attainable, and energy is gained by increasing you base, letting in members, and being a high rank, and if you are leader you get power easily, and I know as a result of I am leader of my faction, and also you create a faction by doing /f create (identify) and factions can solely be created if they don't have the title of one other faction (ex: if a factions title is royalty, and you do /f create royalty, it would say that that title had already been taken.) This is more of an outline of the blockville server, however most servers have factions,creative, and survival.