For instance, vanilla behavioral cloning on MakeWaterfall leads to an agent that strikes close to waterfalls but doesnt create waterfalls of its personal, presumably because the place waterfall motion is such a tiny fraction of the actions within the demonstrations. For example, with behavioral cloning (BC), we may carry out hyperparameter tuning to cut back the BC loss. Alice is effectively tuning her algorithm to the test, in a means that wouldnt generalize to real looking tasks, and so the 20% enhance is illusory. The issue with Alices strategy is that she wouldnt be ready to make use of this technique in a real-world task, as a result of in that case she cant simply check how a lot reward the agent gets – there isnt a reward function to examine! Easily accessible consultants. Domain consultants can usually be consulted when an AI agent is constructed for real-world deployment. For example, the web-VISA system used for world seismic monitoring was constructed with relevant area information provided by geophysicists.