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How can you choose the best real estate company app development in India?

The rise in popularity of online searches has recently boosted the real estate market. Do you know that 9 out of 10 people use real estate mobile apps to buy, sell, and search for homes online?

Real estate has grown increasingly prominent as a result of the expansion of digitization. - how to hire a zend developer

Certainly! You must have a mobile app in addition to a website to create your real estate firm online.


Why is it necessary for a real estate company to have a mobile app?

The days of using realtors to help them find their dream homes are long gone.

People choose user-friendly and portable real estate smartphone apps to find a suitable property now that they have a handy digital tool in their hands.

More than 44 percent of users checked real estate applications in 2019, according to research released by the National Association of Realtors, and experts predict that this percentage will dramatically climb in 2020.

At Helpful Insights, we provide your dream homes at an affordable price with just a click.


The question that you normally may come across is, now that I know my real estate firm needs to have a mobile app, what all should I include in my mobile app?

Here we provide you a list of things that you must include in your real estate app.


1.) Filters & Categories

Have you ever considered how time-consuming it is to search for properties online? "Finding the right and best property," you guessed it.

You must provide an advanced search option for your consumers to make the process of property searching easier.

Try to include filters and categories so that users may simply find properties that meet their specific needs.

At Helpful Insights, we provide you variety of homes according to your needs with this feature you easily get what you want.


2.) Property cost calculator

Another useful feature of real estate mobile apps is the cost calculator.

Hire a dependable mobile application development firm to give you authentic and relevant answers.

They will customize this function to assist your users in determining the cost of a property.

Make sure that the property's cost calculation is complete.

It will enable your users to estimate the final cost depending on a variety of criteria such as taxes, payment ranges, interest and loan amounts, repayment schedules, and so on.

This feature allows you to easily calculate monthly EMIs and even you can get how much interest you will pay for your dream house.


3.) Calendar

This feature may appear to be a no-brainer, but it is advantageous to both agents and buyers.

Assume a buyer wants to meet or book an appointment with the seller or agency. 

With Helpful Insight, the user can check the available schedule or slots and set an appointment.

At the appointed time, this calendar will send notifications to both parties (seller/agent and buyer/tenant).


4.) 3D Virtual Tours

A 3D or virtual tour walkthrough is an outstanding feature for grabbing customers' attention and giving them a real-time experience of the business space/home that they are looking to buy or rent (rent).

According to recent research, 70% of users agree that a 3D virtual home tour is beneficial.

With this feature of Helpful Insight, we will assist you in reaching the greatest number of potential users and you can visit your liked property by sitting at your home in just one click.


Real Estate Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

For cross-platform programming, an intermediary language such as JavaScript is utilized, which is not native to the device's operating system.

It allows for the sharing of common codes across several targeted platforms. 

With Helpful Insights, every user even one who our just using their first smartphone, and even techy ones can reach you.

This is how your mobile app developer will help you build your real estate app, keeping in mind the following deliverables:


  1. On-Time Delivery

We are well-known as a top real estate web design firm that creates and develops real estate app solutions on schedule.

The highest quality standards and fully functioning processes are included in our solutions.


  1. Innovative Technologies

As a leading real estate web design firm, Helpful Insight not only creates beautiful websites but also provides full-stack real estate mobile app development solutions that use cutting-edge technology to deliver a unified view of real estate data which is different from other services, Helpful Insights are technologically much more advanced than any other firm. 

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