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Poetic Protocol: Box of Human Potential – part of “Kennst du das, wenn der Raum so authered...?”

you show us a device and say: I can show yout the sound, see. it blinks. I can play something invisible for you. can you do the visual sound for the sound we are doing? that sounds wet

INAUDIBLE #sprache as a concept

it feels like something that could do you know in everyday life

it's a letter to the future me for when the box is closed THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR FUTURE ME so this is how you stop time. you just don't become the you that has this problem in the future.

I was born free//not born smart (This is not a knot but it's funny)

#relating +we are secretly listening yes our camera is indisposed most regretfully – and your microphone as well? +perhaps you may ask us questions – how many are you? + one of us says two – what do the others say + but there could be more – who is saying this + Fred – so I know who the other person is + Ginger – I would guess it's trick + Trick? – Are you a Fred of the Freds? Are you afraid of the Freds? + No I am The Fred The Fred but not your Fred – I have no Fred + Because we are your Fred you'll never be alone again

18 new Objects US VIDEOPEOPLE what is the biggest object? the box itself? maybe it's a territorial question LUTAS PELO TERRITORIO if the pillow fits into the plastic bottle #geste we win THE MUSIC STARTS which temperature does pillow need to become water the bottle is smaller than water? BECOME THE WATER