We might explore the world, but housing is a small part of it that belongs to us, to not some virtual king or the beasts of the wild. However I'm much more amazed at the fact that the relatively young playerbase of CWA has created things which might be proper on par with the best of EQII's housing group. Massively Minecraft (no relation) is a community of Minecraft players dedicated to the training of kids on a massive scale by the popular indie sandbox. That made me wonder whether or not players were able to grief one another, but the server was obviously policed fairly stringently, as everyone remained very friendly. The sport's gross sales dropped off a bit for the reason that servers' revival, however have remained significantly larger than before the free-to-play weekend. Our servers make the most of enterprise grade hardware and processing speeds of 3.5Ghz. The network is totally protected from DDoS assaults and you will not have to provide out your personal IP for the server as we are going to offer you one.