ronne mübeck


so I started to . searching for. words.

sprache ist definitions -sache. definitions -macht. ansichts -sache. macht -definierend.

die art wie wir sprache austauschen, gestalten, fest”legen” “setzen” “stellen” stellt sich selbst in frage

lieber viele definitionen mit dem geteilten wissen keiner exakten

hier arbyte ich daran, du kannst die seite auch verändern:

found path #34 : the windowshopper

the people moving outside seem to be longing for something extraordinary to happen I sit by the window and look at each and everyone passing by my head following their movement interrupting my rhythm of work with them letting them into my timespace, basically turning the passers-by into my frame when they look at me, they try looking through me and that's my chance: how many social distances can I break? as breaks I count * smiling at me while looking me into the eyes (1 point) * waving back (2 points) * coming closer (not breaking the physical distance of 1.5m) to strike up a conversation (4 points) * saying hey, authren (10 points)

I played for 10 minutes with only counting the people by foot, bicycles were too fast.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a total of 16 people (1 point) (2points) (2points) (1point) (1point) (1point) (2points) a total of ten points

I noticed that people would never start waving themselves, however they would take initiative on the smiling part. but that's ok, I'm already further down the path. tomorrow, I'll play again.

hey, Authren. the path I took today was completely different from anything I had expected. this is closely connected to the path my european world has taken in the past few weeks.

I decided to go to authren anonymously. remember when dressing up all in black and/or with a covered face was considered a crime? these days are over. now, it's a sign of dignity and being a good citizen. an anonymous citizen for the other citizen. yet tracked by the government (or it's health specialists) through your device.

so going to Authren anonymously was easy: I left all my devices at home except for a cheap watch. and dressed up with the clothes of the good citizen. it was, at first, a liberating feeling to play Anonymouse: the streets are almost empty social rules and norms have no impact on me (except the one urging me to keep distance) so I started playing, setting up new rules for me on the go: * take two steps, sit down, stand up * clap your hands once whenever you see someone on the other side of the street

but after a while I noticed that I was adding to the atmosphere of fear among the people. as they were part of my play without having any agency in it, it didn't feel right anymore.

so I took of my facemask, my black gloves and removed the hood. I decided to go back on track and to the office. (aka: home)

hello authren