An excellent MMO is one that enables a baby to take the sport and carve out his own variation, even if it's a little totally different than what's already established. We see a kid flying a marker across the room and suppose little of it, but there's so much happening in that kid's head that's essential to his growth. There are a lot of MMOs out there which might be aimed toward a younger audience, but I think the business sometimes holds back and opts to make a sport that is safe. These make it troublesome or inconceivable for gamers to have access to the Minecraft servers of their choosing with ease. When a server isnt available, theres the potential of players getting disgruntled with the Minecraft platform of their selecting. This requirement isnt restricted to minigame servers however all Minecraft servers need this to perform. When the best possible experience is what you need on Minecraft, you need a server with an IP that isnt inconsistent.