Later in the dialogue, he added that the focus is on the growth and the dwell recreation, so gamers shouldn't expect to see a brand new payment mannequin until after that. However the main target of the dialog was RIFT, and whereas he did not shed too much gentle on the upcoming expansion, he did drop a number of hints about what we would see sooner or later. The child-pleasant style may be suffering from some growing pains, however whether it is struggling a bit, it is not alone. In this week's MMO Family, it is time to do a little state of the (child-friendly) industry. While MMO shutdowns are actually an accepted part of life, many of those titles represented the vanguard of the kid-friendly genre, so their closings elevate the question of whether or not the child-friendly growth is perhaps experiencing a bit of a bubble. We may be at a crossroads with child-pleasant MMOs. He went on to say that RIFT Lite was one resolution that makes the game accessible to those who could be tight on money. One question about permadeath and experience loss led to a curious hint about whether RIFT fans may see some servers with more hardcore rulesets sooner or later sooner or later.