There is a stereotype that folks on the autistic spectrum are unfeeling automatons, which is unfair. For youths, it's enjoyable to hop into a struggle that's happening within the road, and even though the players aren't formally grouped, they are likely to journey together from there. However I'm much more amazed at the fact that the comparatively younger playerbase of CWA has created issues which can be proper on par with the best of EQII's housing group. CWA has added lots of basic building items that gamers have used in methods I might never have imagined, and the addition of open plots has led to some actually cool creations. More games need to incorporate a deeper housing system like what's offered in CWA. I might like to see more MMOs (and not simply the kid-friendly ones) transfer away from complicated hotbars and information-heavy UIs and extra towards a system of combat in which your eyes are on the motion.